Hi, I'm Philip!Headshot

I've recently completed Awesome Inc's 12 week web-developer bootcamp. This is a collection of projects I've completed.

You can email me, find me on LinkedIn, and GitHub.

Current Technology Stack

HTML5 CSS JavaScript Bootstrap Git Postgresql php Laravel Vue.js Sass npm Heroku
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Mock Political Campaign Website

Built with HTML, Bootstrap, and CSS. Deployed via Heroku.

GitHub Repo Website
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JS Alarm Clock

Built with Vue.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS.

GitHub Repo Alarm Clock
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Fake Restaraunt Website

Built with API for dynamic menu on refresh, Bootstrap, CSS, Sass, and Google Fonts. Deployed via Heroku. Contains link via Google Maps.

GitHub Repo Restaraunt Website
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Simon (the Game)

Built with Vue.js, JavaScript, HTML. Extensive CSS and Google Fonts.

GitHub Repo Play the Game
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Texter App

Browser-based app that counts characters, sentences, words, etc. Built using npm, Vue.JS, JavaScript, Bootstrap. Deployed via Heroku.

GitHub Repo Use Texter
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JS Calculator

Browser-based calculator using JavaScript, npm-installed Sass, Babel, CPX, Bootstrap, and Concurrently.

GitHub Repo Calculator
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USMC Weather Forcast

Helps Marines prepare for physical training. Built with API for dynamic physical training forecasts based on zip code. Uses JavaScript, npm, Bootstrap, CSS, Sass. Deployed via Heroku.

GitHub Repo Weather App
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Final Project: LoveIt

Provides a private place to record things you love by completing a simple prompt. Built with Laravel, PHP, and Postgresql. Deployed via Heroku.

GitHub Repo Open the App